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A trip to Rotterdam Zoo – Diergaarde Blijdorp

Hello everyone! Today I want to take you into animals’ world at Rotterdam Zoo – Diergaarde Blijdorp. Just remember how your parents took you to the zoo when you were a child. You were so happy to see different animals, to feed them and even sometimes to touch them, if you are lucky.

That what I felt when I came there. The last time I was at the zoo was when I was a very small girl and still in Russia. I even remember it from my parents’ words and some photos that were taken there.

Ticket price

Before going to the zoo, we bought tickets with a big discount. The original price at the entrance of the zoo is 23 euro. While we bought it (incl. a warm and sweet cup of hot chocolate and Churro, which is a fried-dough pastry based snack with caramel sugar, mmm) for 16 euro. To be that lucky as we were and to save some money for a souvenirs, you need to go to Albert Heijn (this is a shop that is situated all over the Netherlands) and ask there or check website . They give this discount sometimes during the year. Also, be aware that if you go by a car, the parking price there is quite expensive – 8 euro per day.

About the zoo

The zoo is very big and very famous, people from all over the world are coming there. Animals live indoors and also outdoors. There are so many activities, such as feeding animals, different demonstrations, kids can be painted to look like their favourite animal and so many others. You can check it on their website or download their app not to miss the feeding session of your favourite animal.

Bokito story

The zoo became very famous because of the incident that happened in 2007, when gorilla with the name Bokito broke out of his cage, attacked and injured a woman, who was a frequent visitor at that zoo and was always making an eye contact with gorilla, while touching the glass that separates the visitors from animals . Before Bokito was sedated, he also injured 3 men in a restaurant.

Anyway, this story happened long ago and now the zoo is very safe and interesting to visit!!!



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