About me

Who am I and what this website is about?

Hi, my name is Kristina. I am from Russia but moved to the Netherlands more than 2 years ago. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Psychology and Sociology, a Master in Economics and a Master in Business Administration.

In July 2018 I was going through some difficult stuff in my life and I needed something to reduce my stress and anxiety. That is how I got to know about meditation and mindfulness and introduced it to my life (I am still on this journey of becoming a mindful person tho). I started doing meditation and yoga since that time every day. Since last summer I dived in mindfulness literature. In January I completed Vipassana 10 day meditation retreat and increased since then my practice up to an hour per day. In February I have completed 1-day training in Deep Listening, which is based on meditation practice.

This website will be in the setting of a blog. I am not a certified teacher in mindfulness, I am just a big fan of it, a meditation practitioner and a professional in doing research. That is why I will be translating scientific literature about mindfulness, meditation, and self-awareness into plain and easy to understand English here. I hope that this blog will inspire you to start meditation and mindfulness or to dig deeper into your practice.

Kristina Altukhova