A visit to the biggest amusement park in the Netherlands- Efteling

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have posted anything on the website. Anyway, I am back again. I am going to tell you a story about my one day trip to the biggest amusement part in the Netherlands- Efteling.

There are more than 20 amusements parks in the Netherlands all in all. They differ in size, place, price and specification. Efteling is the biggest and the busiest one. I was there at the beginning of winter and that was not a season for this kind of entertainment and I got a discount. The normal price without discount is 37,50 euro, with discount it was around 27 euro. The park is enormous. I did not manage to walk fully through and around it but I did my best. Also because it was quite cold during winter!

About the park

The theme of the park was, of course, winter fairytale (you can check photos below the post), it was amazing. Moreover, they create the theme in the park for each season (winter, spring, summer and autumn). I tried some attractions there, but because of winter most of them were closed. There are a lot of indoor and outdoor activities, attractions for children and adults, a lot of cafes and snack bars. So anything to make your staying there as comfortable as possible. What is more, you can stay there overnight in the hotel that is situated on the territory of the park.

My recommendations

Now, a little bit more about attractions. Because it was rather cold for the Netherlands I preferred more indoor ones, two of them that I liked are called FATA MORGANA and VILLA VOLTA. The idea of FATA MORGANA is that you sit in the boat with other people (around 10 per boat). You travel through different scenes of life from the Forbidden city (sometimes it was even scary). The other one is VILLA VOLTA- it is the house that is moving upside down. P.S. I know that this kind of attraction is not new but for me it was. This one struck me, really.

And the last thing there that made my life a little bit better and ended my day at Efteling was AQUANURA- a show of water, light and fire. This show lasted for around 15 minutes and I think that my heart stopped for the time of performance and I just enjoyed it. Here is the link to the video. Nowadays life is so fast, so virtual that I sometimes need to stop for a moment and just to enjoy it, that helps me to remember who I am! You should definitely visit Efteling!

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